About Advertising Week

Advertising Week is North America’s premier and largest gathering of cutting edge communications leaders. The Week is a hybrid of thought leadership and special event programming, uniting clients, creatives, media and inspiring figures like Lorne Michaels, Ludacris, Jon Bon Jovi, Jimmy Wales, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Donny Deutsch, Lewis Black, Chaka Khan, Bob Greenberg, Emeril, Jimmy Fallon, Ziggy Marley . . . and many more.

 Advertising Week’s mission is to galvanize the industry by creating an entertaining, enlightening and engaging platform for disparate parts of the business. Along the way, The Week is a tangible force – moving key industry goals around talent and diversity forward via GeneratioNext, Advertising Futures and a broad partnership with Virtual Enterprise.

To register for Advertising Week, visit www.advertisingweek.com.

 Who Attends Advertising Week?

Approximately 55,000 industry professionals from over 80 countries participate in more than 125 events during the Week.  The breakdown of attendees is as follows:

 24% – Client

22% – Agency, Creative

22% – Agency, Media

20% – Media

8% – Students & Faculty

6% – Suppliers & Communications


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